Shiller Says ‘Investors in Bitcoin Are Having Fun’

Dec.11 — Robert Shiller, professor of economics at Yale University, discusses the legitimacy of bitcoin and why investors are looking at the cryptocurrency. He speaks with Michael McKee on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


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17 Thoughts to “Shiller Says ‘Investors in Bitcoin Are Having Fun’”

  1. Certainly it is over-hyped. The underlying idea that is questionable is merely freedom from financial tyranny. That's all. Bitcoin (more directly, Blockchain technology) can significantly change the world – if the banks and governments don't kill it. This is a battle to the death. -. To the death of central bank banks 😎

  2. Do want a currency backed by technology freedom and work or a currency backed by a Zionist COMMUNSIT murderous banker? Yeah saying crypto isn't real is like saying Satan doesn't back the US dollar. The gig is up. END THE FEDERAL RESERVE OR NOTHING CHANGES

  3. His name is Shiller? Heh. Oh man, this joke writes itself.

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  5. "Brilliant people can make brilliant mistakes". Very fair statement.

  6. ‘Wait and see’ and ‘I don’t know’ won’t make you money. This guy isn’t very bright and he also has a bad toupee!

  7. ‘Wait and see’ and ‘I don’t know’ won’t make you money. This guy isn’t very bright and he also has a bad toupee!

  8. That's a great point Shiller is making – why do the bank notes in our pockets have any value? Its because of a "common consensus" – and that is precisely what Bitcoin is creating in a completely different manner ie by that "consensus", rather than centrally through a govt.
    And also the point about it being fun – that is so much a part of everything in life – and drives so much of what we do. This is a great strength of Bitcoin – when people begin to realize life can be so much more fun.

  9. the blockchain is not bitcoin. Cheers banks and governments.

  10. Fuck the rest buy some vibe and bitcoin you b ok Son

  11. Investor in bitcoin already making profit 1000%

  12. I'm up 100% in my crypto portfolio with my life savings, I will start selling some off like 10% each time it doubles, but yeh it is high risk high reward.

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